Would I Employ Me?

Our exciting and completely innovative Employability programmes offer a unique insight into the world of recruitment. Because it’s one thing being able to apply for a job with a good CV + cover letter, but it’s quite another thing to view a CV as if you were the hiring manager! Our 360 Employability programme covers all the basics (CV writing, applying for jobs, interview planning and techniques etc) whilst letting you also sit at the ‘other side’ of the interview table.

Would you employ yourself against all the other job applications? Why or why not?
Knowing how to effectively apply for the right jobs helps reduce stress and boosts confidence during the job search process. And the more confident you’ll feel, the more likely you are to get the job that’s right for you.

Furthermore, at the end of the Employability training programme with This Is Me, you’ll get to practice and improve your new employability skills as you’ll be invited to attend a real interview with a recruiter for work experience opportunities!